Translation 大
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Deutsch English

大 (dà)


Compact Translation

big, great


Adjective: big, great

Example Sentences

我买的衣服太大了The clothes I bought are too big

Related Words

大型百货商店shopping center
大型飞机large plane

Four Character Phrases

爱莫大于心死no greater sorrow than a heart that never rejoices
宽大仁爱tolerant and lenient
狗窦大开gap caused by missing teeth (used mockingly)
食欲大开to quicken the appetite

Other Phrases

你是我的第一个真正的大爱you are my first true love
大爱great love
我的最大幸褔是发现了我爱你My greatest joy is, that I've realized, that I love you
睁大眼睛看to keep the eyes open
大小姐eldest daughter of an affluent family, (polite) your daughter