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这 (zhè)



Compact Translation



Pronoun: this

Example Sentences

我很喜欢这个I really like this

Related Words

这个this, this one
这咱now, today, nowadays
这天today, this day
这边this side, here
这阵儿now, at present
这阵子now, at present

Four Character Phrases

唠这扯那to talk about nothing in particular

Other Phrases

在这之前up until that point
在这期间in this time
这下this time
这下子this time
这样一来if this happens ...
这早晚儿at this time, this late
这样this way, like this, such
这位this (person)
这会儿now, at that moment
这几天the past few days, recently
这时at this time, that time, today
这么so much, how much?, this way
这太不象话了This is extremely inappropriate
这个星期this week
这算不了什么That is nothing, that's not worth talking about
离这儿from here
这几年over the last years
这是因为that's because ...
尊严地离开这个世界to die with dignity
这件事this thing/issue
这是我妈妈This is my mother
正是这个the very same
这是一件不可忽视的工作This is a job that shouldn't be neglected
这酒的性子会很烈This liquor is very strong
这要看情况that depends
这个月this month
这位先生this gentlemen
这种酒真有劲this liquor is really strong
这一类such, this kind
这意味着this means, this implies
这是谁Who's that?
这一天this day
这些年来over the years
这一实例生动地说明this example vividly shows
这可没准儿This can't be said for sure
这时候at this time
这一年来in the course of this year
这两种意见并不矛盾Those two opinions don't contradict each other
这个是什么东西What is that?
这次this time
照这样下去at this rate
他一定能够把这重任担当起来He is definitely able to master this task
往往人们忽略这一点this aspect is often neglected
为了这个目的for this purpose
这本书this book
我没有明白这句话的意思I didn't understand the meaning of this sentence
这包衣服this batch of clothes
在这方面他非常得心应手he knows a lot in this area
在这种状况下under these circumstances
像这样like this
在这种情况下in this case
象这种like this
在这一点上at this point
一看到这个one look at this and ...
在这几年中over the years
在这一带hereabouts, around here, in this area
在这点上at this point
在这样的情况下under these conditions
这次危机present crisis, current crisis
是谁把我带到了这里Who took me here?
根据这个规定according to this regulation
没有这样的事there's nothing like that
这种this kind of, this sort of
借这次机会take this opportunity
甚至在这种情况下even under these circumstances
这还了得How dare you!, That is going too far!, Absolutely disgraceful!
到这里to arrive here
如果是这样的话If that's like that, ...
没有这个词there's no word like that
到这时候until then, until now
离这里很远far away from here
这类this kind, this sort
克服这种弊病get rid of those shortcomings
可以这么说one could say it this way
别把这事挂在心上Don't take this to heart too much
尽管这样even so
这么样thus, in this way
这麽so much, this much, like this
从这一事实中可以得出两个结论these fact allow two conclusions
这么着thus, in this way, like this
从这儿from here