Translation 你
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Deutsch English

你 (nǐ)


Compact Translation

you (singular)


Pronoun: you (singular)

Other Phrases

你叫什么名字What's your name?
你经常坐出租车吗Are you often going by taxi?
你看一下Take a look!
你是哪国人Which country are you from
谁是你爸爸Who is your dad?
祝你有一个美好的星期I wish you a nice week!
你爱我吗Do you love me?
你是可爱的you are cute
你是我的第一个真正的大爱you are my first true love
你想做爱吗Do you want to make love?
我爱你I love you
亲爱的你my dear, honey
我的最大幸褔是发现了我爱你My greatest joy is, that I've realized, that I love you
我非常爱你I'm loving you so much
爱老虎你I love you (jocular transliteration from English)
我也爱你I love you too