Translation 看
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Deutsch English

看 (kàn)



Compact Translation

to see, to watch, to


Verb: to see, to watch, to look at

Example Sentences

我在看你I'm looking at you

Related Words

好看good-looking, pretty
翻看to browse, to look over
看守人warden, watchman
看书用的眼镜reading glasses
看台bleachers, stand
痴呆着看to gape
偷看to peek, to steal a glance
监狱看守provost, prison guard
耐看good-looking, presentable, worth looking at
动物看护者zookeeper, stockman
观看to watch, to view
被看护儿童foster child
被看护男孩子foster son
察看to watch, to look carefully at
小看to look down on, to underestimate
误看a mistake, an error of judgment
轻看to despise, to underestimate
查看to look over, to check up
细看to peer, to examine carefully
中看pleasant to the eye
瞪眼看to gape, to gaze at
眼看soon, in a moment
特别看护室intensive care
看病to see a doctor, to see a patient
看破to see through
看穿see through (a person, scheme, trick etc.)
看护to nurse, to look after
看轻to underestimate, to undervalue
看重to regard as important, to care about
看开to come to accept an unpleasant fact, to get over sth.
看头sth. worth seeing or reading
看顾to watch over
高看to attach importance to sth., to value
看到to see, to catch sight of
看见to see, to catch sight of
呆看to gawk at
看倌dear reader, dear listener
看呆to gape at, to stare blankly
看客audience, spectators
看待to look upon, to regard
密集看护室Intensive care room
看书to read, to study
看望to visit, to pay a call to
看家本领special skill
别看despite, in spite of
看守所house of detention, prison
看管to look after
看透to see through
看门人janitor, watchman

Four Character Phrases

看风使舵to adapt oneself to the circumstances (for convenience)
杀鸡给猴看lit. to kill a chicken in front of a monkey, to make an example of sbd. (by punishment) to frighten others
另眼相看to view in a new light
走马看花lit. flower viewing from horseback, to make a quick judgment based on inadequate information
雾里看花lit. to look at flowers in the fog, blurred vision
正向前看looking ahead
亲眼看看to see with one's own eyes
刮目相看to see in a different (better) light
找找看看to look for, to look around
百看不厌seen a hundred times but still not tired of it
一眼看穿to see through something at first glance
看破红尘being disillusioned with human society

Other Phrases

一看到这个one look at this and ...
这要看情况that depends
看黑板look at the blackboard!
无人看管unattended, not looked after
看报to read the newspaper
从表面看appear to be
从表中可以看出as it is obvious from looking at the table
看不清楚can't see clearly
看不懂not being able to understand something read/seen
负面看see pessimistically
看不准not obvious, not clearly visible
从长远来看in the long run
看得透to understand, to see sth. through
注意看watch carefully
看电影to watch a film
看风景to do sight-seeing, to watch the scenery
看孩子to look after kids
看花眼get dizzy looking at
值得一看worth seeing, worth taking a look at
看来象是to look like
乍看at first glance
向后看to look back
可以看出it can be seen
可以看出来visible, obvious
看相to practice physiognomy
看心情depending on the mood
从...来看seen from ...
看医生to see a doctor
看一下to have a look
看一眼to have a quick look
看中医to see a doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine
向前看looking ahead, looking forward
一看就a glance is enought to ...
肉眼看不见invisible to the naked eye
从评议结果看as it is obvious from looking at the assessment
要看it depends on ...
相看to look at one another
试试看to give it a try
请让我看看please let me have a look
如此看来so it seems, that ...
从外表看from the look of it
依我来看in my opinion
依我看in my opinion
乍看起来at first glance
乍一看at first sight
总的看来overall, on the whole
往里看to look in
从总体上看generally seen, overall
往前看to look forward
有看法to have a different opinion of
想想看to think about it
请看please see ...
去看电影to go to cinema
睁大眼睛看to keep the eyes open
收看to watch TV
内行看门道,外行看热闹while the connoisseur recognizes the artistry, the layman simply enjoys the show
猛一看at first glance, first impression
在我看in my opinion, in my view
中看不中用impressive-looking but useless
表面看来to watch sketchily
参看see also ..., please refer to
正面看to see positively
正面看东西to see things positively
看球to watch a football game
据我看in my opinion, from what I can see
可看到can be seen
常看often see, often read
常看电影的人people often watching films
常看戏的人regular theatre visitor
看不起人to look down on people
从长远看in the long run
看不透to not see through
从长远看来in the long run
负面看东西to see things in a negative light, to see things pessimistically
看淡市场bearish market (finance)
看得懂to understand (sth. read or seen)
你看一下Take a look!
在我看来in my opinion
呆呆地看to gape at, to stare at
看一看to have a look
看上to look upon, to fall for
看上去it would appear, it seems that
看不中not being impressed by
下面请看please see below
看不惯cannot bear to see, to dislike, to disapprove
看不清not able to see clearly
看不习惯not used to see, unfamiliar
看不起to look down upon, to despise
看不过去unable to put up with it any longer
不能不看到can't not notice
看不顺眼unpleasant to the eye
看中to have a preference for, to fancy
看似to look like, to seem
看作to look upon as, to regard as
看来it seems that
看做to regard as, to look upon as
看出to perceive, to see, to find out
看在眼里to see clearly, to take it in
看好optimistic, bullish, to think highly of
看守to guard, to watch over
看官dear reader, dear listener
看得中to fancy
看得起to show respect for, to think highly of
踏看to investigate on the spot
看得过presentable, passable
看情况depending on the situation
初看起来at first sight
看惯to be used to the sight of
看懂to understand what one is reading or watching
看成to regard as
看戏to watch a play
看扁to have a low opinion of
看押to detain, to take into custody, to imprison temporarily
看样子it seems, it looks as if
看清to see clearly
看准to check and make sure
看涨bullish market (prices appear to be rising)
看热闹to enjoy watching a bustling scene, to go where the crowds are
看看to take a look at, we'll see
从实际的角度看from a practical point of view
从整体上看in general
照看to look after, to attend to
看着不管to ignore
斜眼看eyeing sbd. askance
看起来looks as if, appear to be
看错a mistake, an error of judgment