Translation 开
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Deutsch English

开 (kāi)



Compact Translation

to open, to start, to


Verb: to open, to start, to drive (car, etc.)

Example Sentences

你要一杯水吗?Do you want a cup of water?
我要一杯开水I want a cup of drinking water
我要I do

Related Words

亚洲开发银行Asian Development Bank
分开seperation, to separate, to part
看开to come to accept an unpleasant fact, to get over sth.
爱开玩笑的人joker, prankster
爱开玩笑者joker, prankster
军费开支military spending
开导to talk sbd. round, to straighten sths out, to enlighten
甩开to shake off, to get rid of
开小差to desert, to sneak off
敞开wide open, unrestricted
广告开支advertising costs
开局opening (chess etc), early stage of game, match, work, activity etc.
东开普省Eastern cape province
展开to unfold, to carry out, to launch
开展to develop, to start, to launch, to carry out
展开图expansion plan, development graph
转换开关changeover switch, commutation switch
开山祖师founding master of a religion, sect or monastery, founder, originator

Four Character Phrases

一夫当关,万夫莫开One man can hold the pass against ten thousand enemies
一把钥匙开一把锁One key opens one lock, there is a different solution for each problem
不可开交awfully (busy, etc)
半开半关half-open, half-closed
狗窦大开gap caused by missing teeth (used mockingly)
眉开眼笑brows raised in delight, beaming with joy
食欲大开to quicken the appetite
甩开膀子to go all out
信口开河to speak without thinking, to blurt sth. out
偷偷离开to shrink away

Other Phrases

尊严地离开这个世界to die with dignity
开飞机to fly a plane
离不开inseparable, to not be able to get away from
按开关to press the switch
开小会to whisper and chat (instead of listening during a meeting or lecture)
开小灶to seek special attention
开屏(a peacock) spreads its tail
开山to cut into a mountain (to open a mine), to open a monastery
放不开cannot let go