Intro HSK 3 Material
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HSK 3: Introduction

This test is still for beginners with about 90 hours of instruction and a knowledge of over 600 vocabularies. It does, like HSK 1 and 2, contain a listening and reading part, but for the first time also short writing exercises. Overall it takes 90 minutes to finish the test.

Get to know the format of the test, how many and which kind of questions you will have to answer, how many points there are and what you need to pass the test.

All HSK 3 vocabularies with Pinyin and English translation. Make sure you know most of them when you take the test!

There are several options for Flashcard learning on, get a rough idea of what is available and choose the one fitting your requirements best.

Some exercises to improve vocabulary knowledge as well as listening, reading, writing and pronounciation.

Also make sure you have a look at the general regulations for HSK tests