HSK 7-9

HSK levels 7 to 9 are a new part of HSK 3.0 introduced in 2021. They will be the first ones to actually be used in the testing system before moving the other 6 levels over step by step.

As far as I know, HSK 7-9 will be tested as one test and depending on your score, you can pass one of the 3 levels (7, 8 or 9).

The last three levels cover a total of 5636 in addition to all the other vocabularies in level 1-6. I have put together a list of all 5636 HSK 7-9 vocabularies for you to look into.

You can find all of the HSK 7-9 Vocabularies as Flashcards on Flashcardo.

This is all the information I have for now. Once more is known, I’ll update this part here.

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